Roll of Honor in Center Moriches, Suffolk County (Long Island), New York

The following names are on the Roll of Honor at Main Street and Lake Avenue  in Center Moriches. They include those who served in World War I and World War II. Asterisks * mark the names of the men who were killed in action.

This is the town where my dad grew up. Many of the names on this list were his and his parents’ friends. Some of the people were his family members — uncle, grandfather, brother, cousins, future in-laws. I have included a few people who were not on the plaque who I know served. Their names are in [brackets].

 World War I

Dwight Anderson

George E. Hawkins

George E. Hawkins

Belle Baker

Frank Baldwin

Arthur Bowditch

Stephen Brown

Arthur Bruckner

Daniel Cardona

David Carter

George Carter

Edward Collins

Howell Gassert

Howell Gassert, Marine Corps Reserve, Died May 1918

Archive Davis

Clarence Davis

Howell Gassert*

Benjamin Goldsmith

Daniel Havens

Ira Havens

[George Hawkins — not on the plaque. My grandmother’s brother who served.]

[J. Ezra Hawkins — not on the plaque. My grandmother’s father who served in the U.S. Coast Guard as keeper of the Forge River Lifesaving Station during the war.]

Theodore Heather

Reginald Lamb

Harold Meinhardt

Christian Merritt

Jack Nizza

Warren Dayton, killed in action over Germany.

Warren Dayton, killed in action over Germany.

John Penney

Otto Pieper

Bertram Robinson

Charles Robinson

Elsworth Robinson

Ernest Robinson

Harry Robinson

John Rose

Charles Steffens

Edward Steffens

Catherine Dayton in Africa.

Elizabeth “Betty” Dayton in Africa.

Robert Terry

Alvah Tuttle

World War II

Carols Adams*

Walter Adams

William Adams

Richard Alfred

John Ambrose

Robert Anderson

Rosolio Annetta [added at bottom]

Richard Johnson, U.S. Air Force.

Richard Johnson, U.S. Air Force.

Hall Barrett

John Benson

Murray Bernstein

George Blahun

Edward Bogash

William Booker

Freda Borok

Stanley Borok

Lewis Bowditch

Leonard Brame

Elizabeth Brooks

Robert F. Matteson,
Air Force Pilot

John Bropson

Robert Bropson

Lawrence Brown

Arthur Wilcox, U.S. Navy.

Arthur Wilcox, U.S. Navy.

William Brown

Richard Bryant

George Bullock

James Bullcok

Lee Bullock

Raymond Bizet

Thomas Burwell

Benny Buzeski

Chadwick Callaghan

Howard Carlough

Robert Carlough

Stephen Carlough

Frederick Carlson

William Carlson

Matha Carroll

Lloyd Wilcox, U.S. Army, Armored Division.

Lloyd Wilcox, U.S. Army, Armored Division.

David Carter

William Carter

John Chartuck

Lillian Chartuk

Michael Chartuk

William Chambers

John Cherbone

William Cherbone

Joseph Chilicky

Richard Conley

William Conran

James Cozine

Max Cutler

Louis Danowski

James Daves

Eugene Davis

[Elizabeth Dayton — not on the plaque]

Warren Dayton* (U.S. Air Force, my father’s first cousin who was shot down over Germany)

Douglas De Bruler

Philip De Carlo

Prescott De Gumoens

Cornelius Dekker

Lewis Denato

Charles Dickson

William Dranitzske

Arnold Dumont

John Dumont

Raymond Dumont

William Eaton*

Claude Edwards

John Edwards

Robert Edwards

Melvin Ehmann

Edward English

Richard English

William English

Alfred Fehner*

Arthur Fehner

Clarence Fehner

Emmett Fehner

Victor Fehner

Thomas Fenner

Van Field

Peter Figat

Lewis Foster

John Francis

Anthony Garrett

Herman Gehnrich

Rodney Gentil

Herbert Gewehr

William Gilman

Vincent Gillen

Alfred Goldbeck

Robert Gregory

Kenneth Guggenheim

Harold Haedrick

Forbes Hallock

Charles Hamilton

Bernard Harding

Alfred Hartig

Kurt Hartman*

Bernard Havens

Eugene Havens

Jerry Havens

Ralph Havens

Vernon Havens

Vernon Hawkins

William Hawkins

Charles Hedges

Charles Herrmann

George Herrmann

Leo Hersh

Kent Hooper

Ronnie Hooper

Edward Hoppe

Robert Hopper

John Horl

Charles Howell

Fred Howell

Wesley Howell

Martin Howland

Benjamin Hoyt

James Hoyt

Robert Hoyt

Howard Hurcomb

Carl Hyland

Mac Janis

Richard Johnson (U.S. Air Force, my father’s first cousin)…

Carl Kern

John Kern

Dorothy Koegel

James Koegel

Albert Korphage

Albert Krupski

Dominick Krupski

LeRoy La Fetra

Robert Lamb*

Cronelius Lamene

Adam Lasky

Laura Lasky

William Lasky

Henry Leide

John Libaire

Theodore Lindgren

Charles Liscum

Allen Lucas

Anthony Machek

William Mackiewicz

John Maluta

William Mark

Albert Marrisal

Martin Marshall

Nathaniel Mason

Edward Matskevich

Robert Matteson

Angelo Matti

Edward Mauser

Mattew McQuilton

William Meadows

Louis Melanson

Franklin Merritt

Alexander Michna

Anthony Michna

William Michna

Harry Millard

Joseph Mitchell

William Mooney

Albert Murdock

Charles Murdock

Edwin Murodck

Gustav Muller

Fred Murray

Wakter Murray

Jack Nizza

Joseph E. Nizza

Joseph T. Nizza

Peter Nizza

John Nummy

George Oakley

Josephine O Connel

Ralph O Conner

Thomas O Conner*

Carl Olson [added at bottom]

Cheaster Osborne

Pter Panos

Adam Pasika

John Pflug

John Portelroy

Alexander Poznak

Zollie Privett

Jospeh Profera

Sebastian Profera

John Prosser *

Mary Prosser

Walter Prosser

Arnold Pugh

Thomas Quinitchett

Frank Radziewicz

Raymond Rebehn

Earle Reeve

Milton Reeve

Edward Reisig

Everett Reisig

Howard Reisig

Joseph Reisig

Walter Reisig

Catherine Robinson

Joseph Robinson

King Robinson

Rowland Robinson

Sherman Robinson

Theodore Robinson

Vernon Robinson*

Francis Rooney

John Rose

Donald Ross

Robert Ross*

Wilbur Ross

Charles Roth

Benjamin Rutkowski

Florian Rybici

Ralph Rybici

Alexander Sabosto

Chester Sachak

Stanley Sachak

Wesley Sachak

William Sachak

William Santangelo

Henry Schatzman

Michael Schimminski

George Schoener

Richard Schutt

Claude Schuyler*

George Schuyler

Jack Schwartz

H Schweickert

Clifford Seale

Leslie Seale

Arthur Seekamp

Chalres Seerveld

Raymond Shelanski

Perry Simpson

Thomas Sinnikson

Leonard Smith

Raymond Smith

Zacariah Sneed

John Sprague

Robert Sprague

George Steffens

George Stevens

Frank Strebel

Leo Strebel

Peter Strebel

John Sturges

Ralph Sturges

Zacariah Taylor

Frank Terry

Chazrles Theisen

George Thomas

Stephen Thomas

William Titmus

Charles Tooker

Everett Tooker

Richard Tooker

Robert Tooker

Edward Townsend

Harry Townsend

Joseph Townsend

James Troost

Virginia Troost

Jack Trulio

Michael Turso

Rocco Turso

Earle Uckman

Stephen Valenti

Albert Valentine

Francis Voelker

Theodore Walsh

John Wight

Arthur Wilcox (U.S. Navy, my father’s brother)

Joseph Wilcox (no relation, high school P.E. teacher)

Lloyd Wilcox (U.S. Army, my father)

Matthew Wimbush

Fred Wysoki

Martin Yaro

Joseph Youska

Morley Zabler [added at bottom]

Michael Zaharakos

Nichoals Zaharakos

Walter Zamorski

Alfred Zareski

Edward Zareski

Joseph Zareski

Stanely Zareski

Albert Zeneski

John Zeneski

Stanley Zenski

Stanely Zlatnisky



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