The people presented here are my own ancestors and their families. I have been collecting documents and information about them since I was a kid. I was very fortunate to have asked questions of my elders and to have been told stories about the ancestors by these elders long gone. I also researched in repositories across the country and abroad.

The Wilcockson pages here will replace a coffee-table book that I had planned about Puritan William Wilcockson of Stratford, Conn. and his wife Margaret (probably) Harvie and their children. The children’s pages will be done first, followed by William and Margaret’s life in Concord, Mass. and Stratford, Conn.; then William Wilcockson’s probable origins in Biggin-by-Hulland, Derbyshire, England; Margaret (probably) Harvie’s origins in Ilkeston, Derbyshire; and finally their beloved minister Rev. Adam Blakeman/Blackman, founder of the Congregational church at Stratford, Conn., and his life in England and New England.

The Clarks are my ancestors from Cornwall, England, about whom I have collected many stories from their descendants. Their story is one about a great migration from St. Austell, Cornwall, England to New York City, to probably what is now West Virginia, back to New York City, then to the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to the tin mines in northern New Jersey, to the coal mines of the Hocking Valley in Ohio, back to northern New Jersey, and then to Suffolk County, Long Island, in retirement. They were my paternal grandmother’s maternal family.

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