Syllabus for “Looking for Your New York Tenant Farmer: Little-Used Resources”

Syllabus-imageThis ebook is the syllabus for Jane’s talk “Looking for Your New York Tenant Farmer: Little-Used Resources,” given at the National Genealogical Society’s Family History Conference in Richmond, Virginia, and at the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society’s lecture series at the New York Public Library in New York City in May 2014. It provides resources for researching ancestors in New York manorial and related records for the major Hudson Valley manors and patents.

A more formal discussion of manorial records and other records in which researchers can find tenant farmers in the Hudson Valley of New York from the colonial period to the 1840s, as well as an extended list of research resources by county, will be published under the title New York Tenant Farmers: Untapped Resources for Major Hudson Valley Manors and Patents. Look for it here and on Amazon Kindle.

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