“Working with Jane Wilcox continues to be real joy for me.  She is very flexible and that has allowed me to participate with her in the research when possible.  It makes me feel like part of the treasure hunt in a manner of speaking.  The other thing that stands out is Jane’s out-of-the-box thinking.  She is always coming up with more non-traditional methods and sources when the road seems blocked.  This has allowed her to identify some people who were associates of my colonial-era paternal ancestor, who has been my brick wall.  I have worked with a number of genealogists over the past 13 years on this ancestor and am very pleased with the progress we have made.  I would highly recommend Jane to anyone who has a difficult genealogy task facing them.”

~ Dick Wicks, North Carolina

“I have recently used the services of Jane Wilcox for genealogical help and advice in the Albany County region of New York State, and her services and expertise were truly extraordinary.  I do not regret one penny of my payments to her.  She really helped me to put some boundaries on this project, even though we did not achieve our primary goal.  We did not definitively identify our person of interest, but we clearly identified who this person was not, thus eliminating much unnecessary research.  We also have tentatively identified this person’s roots being in Rhode Island, which opens up additional research opportunities.  I would highly recommend Jane’s services to anyone needing genealogical assistance in the state of New York.”    

~Ted vonWallmenich, Pennsylvania

“Highly recommend!  After hitting a brick wall seeking pre-1900 marriage, death and birth certificates to document my family tree to join the Mayflower Society, I discovered Jane through the Association of Professional Genealogists.  I had previously hired a few other professional genealogists as well as joined a few online ancestral search sites but they all quickly petered out. Not so with Jane. She promptly responded to my email request, provided a professional, transparent and more than fair contract outlining rates and the process and within 4-5 months had procured the documentation I requested. Jane even found several marriage/death documents from the 1700’s handwritten in church and Revolutionary War pension ledgers which I still am impressed with how she found them.  I also really appreciated Jane regularly reaching out to me by email advising me of her progress and asking for clarification with names, dates, etc. of the various requests I had made. Thank you, Jane, for helping me collect all the documentation I and the Mayflower Society requested so that I may complete their application!”

~John Folmar, California   

“Jane is not only an excellent historian, thorough researcher and knowledgeable professional, but she is also blessed with the ability to see beyond dates and places in a way that makes the past relatable and immediate. “The ancestors want their stories to be told,” she said early in our journey, and I came to realize how right she was. It was a pleasure to have her as expert and guide to link the past with the present and the present to the past. I highly recommend her.”

~ David Rambo, California
Supervising Producer/Writer,  “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”

“Deciding it was time to explore the Holmes/Howell branch of my family in Newburgh, NY, I needed an expert in the Hudson Valley area.  Jane E. Wilcox provided me with that expertise and guidance.  What a wonderful learning experience to put together information on the  Holmes family members, who they were, how they lived and their impact on the community.  Together we organized data, analyzed problems and compiled  a picture of the lives of the Holmes/Howell family in Orange County during the late 1700’s into the mid 1800’s. Tracing my ancestors is an ongoing project and I know Jane will always be there for me to tackle a problem and give professional guidance.  I highly recommend Jane for anyone needing research assistance!”

~ Megan M. Greitzer, Pennsylvania

“After being at a dead end for several years in my Myers family research, I reached out to Jane Wilcox of Forget-Me-Not Ancestry for assistance. Jane immediately evaluated the evidence I had assembled and began providing expert insight into interpreting the assembled history along with suggestions for next steps. Her experience as a genealogist has proven invaluable, as she has leveraged multiple original sources to help me document my family back to the early 1800s in Albany, New York and Germany. I especially appreciated Jane’s dedication in traveling frequently to obtain records and photos, her frequent communication via phone calls, email, and U.S. mail. I highly recommend Jane and Forget-Me-Not Ancestry for help with your family history research.”

~ Thomas Myers, Ph.D., Wisconsin
Member, Association of Professional Genealogists (APG)

“Jane’s services broke through my entire approach to a brick wall in research.  It was like I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  When my research led to a frustrating dead end, I was stumped.  I didn’t know what to do with the information I had.  Jane took all of that information and organized it into a sensible pattern.   She broke through my confusion, put the information in order, and gave me options to choose from on how to proceed.  I highly recommend her professional services, particularly if you are stumped.”

~Sally Kahle, Kansas

“I was very pleased with the genealogical services I received from Jane E. Wilcox. She thoroughly explained her services in the contract she provided at the beginning of the research project, kept me informed periodically of the progress she was making, and always consulted me before proceeding with acquiring documents. The complet ed research was sent to me in a timely fashion and very well organized, and includes copies of many primary source documents.”

~ Ruth C. Hannay, New York

“Jane has done an outstanding job of researching my family. Her attention to detail was evident in all the documents she provided to support her findings. It would have taken me years to find the information that Jane was able to find about my family in only a few months. I would highly recommend hiring Jane to research your family. You will be very satisfied with the results.”

~ Jaclyn Anaya, Ohio

“I could not be happier with Jane’s work. She is tenacious, always with an upbeat, creative, positive spirit and never fears to go where the documents, evidence and data may lead. She communicates strategy, suggestions and direction in a timely and collaborative fashion so that I always know where she is in the search and always feel my input is valued. Having worked in Human Resources for over 40 years, with responsibility for reviewing the performance of hundreds of employees over the years, I can give Ms. Wilcox my highest recommendation.”

~ Jim Sturdevan, Tennessee

“Jane promised results and delivered them seamlessly. I had been unsuccessfully searching for my grandfather for 25 years. I tried all of the data searches. I scanned the web. I didn’t find him. I needed help, and Jane jumped in and professionally searched her sources. Within a few days she actually located him — his death certificate, and ended this chapter of my work. It was fantastic! It was fast! It was accurate. I strongly recommend Jane’s work to anyone that has hit a roadblock in their research. You won’t be sorry.”

~ Jim Finkle, Virginia

“I was experiencing road blocks in tracing my family genealogy in the New York area.  Jane was very professional and successful in finding my family.  She guided me through the process and instructed me on the research I was able to do from Wisconsin.  She provided me with the information from the New York area and documented all the sources.  She was very responsive to all my questions.  I would highly recommend Jane’s genealogical services.” 

~ Jan Wartenweiler, Wisconsin

“I had dealt with another genealogist before finding Jane – a wasted $500. What he gave me was a regurgitation of the information I’d provided him. When I contacted Jane, she laid out a working relationship with no ambiguities and she kept her commitment. Jane has earned my trust.”

~ Gail West, Free Lance Journalist, Alaska

“In my quest to become a member of the DAR, the family research I was doing hit the proverbial “brick wall”.  It was frustrating and very time consuming for me to continue. I contacted Jane E. Wilcox who promptly responded to my request for help.  She kept me informed of her progress throughout her research. I received the documentation I needed in a timely manner, and she told me how to present my information to the DAR for review.  Because of her work and the information she uncovered, I was able to submit my completed application to the DAR and have it accepted.  I am proud to be a member of the DAR – Thank you,  Jane!”

~ Judi Mobilio, Connecticut

“Jane assembled an analysis report with next steps for my research. After reading her analysis, I was very excited about the research suggestions. I had never thought of many of the things that were suggested, and it looks like I have a new twist in my research with the addition of Kentucky!”

~ Karen Gaffney, California

“Jane Wilcox is a thorough researcher with good ideas on how to crack the mysteries of ancestry/genealogy. She was very helpful to me in researching one branch of my family, and I plan to use her services when I continue my family’s genealogy project.”

~ Courtenay Auger, Maine

“I was impressed by Ms. Wilcox’s inventiveness and knowledge in suggesting research routes to use in exploring an obscure genealogical question.  She was conscientious in establishing what I had already done with respect to the problem and what sources I had already had used, and her suggestions showed an acquaintance with sources, many of them unpublished, that was most impressive.  She was very pleasant to deal with, and very prompt and clear in reporting results of her research.  I would certainly recommend Ms. Wilcox to anyone needing expert help with a thorny genealogical problem.”

~ Robert Emery, New York

After reaching what I thought was a dead end in the research of my husband’s family, I was happy to learn from Jane that more resources were available. She provided links to web sites that were new to me, described archives I might visit, and helped me formulate a plan. Our time together was very productive, I learned a great deal, and I will certainly take advantage of Jane’s knowledge and mentoring skill as my work continues.”

~ Ellen Banks, Connecticut

“I just wanted to say thank you for your invaluable services. I am impressed with your professionalism and expertise on all the searches you have already completed. I look forward to many more ancestral investigations. I could not have done it without you. You are the best!”

~ Gretchen Simpkins, California

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