Gift Certificates

Give your friends and family the unique gift of genealogy.

Purchase a Forget-Me-Not Ancestry gift certificate for two to four hours of genealogy research or consultation or a combination of both by Jane. Your recipients can decide how they would like to use their gift certificates. All they have to do is call or email Jane to redeem their gifts.

Great for the holidays, a wedding gift to a bride and groom, and birthdays or anniversaries.

Simply choose one amount from the options below. After you purchase via PayPal, you’ll be redirected to the electronic gift certificate PDF file for you to print and address to your recipient.

Fill out one form per person. Gift certificates range from two to four hours. For more than four hours, please contact Jane.

Contact Jane if you have any questions. 845-430-9582 or email her here.

Research results cannot be guaranteed. Client will receive a list of all sources checked, even those that contain no data.

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