Many of the records found here are my own family records that were passed on to me through the years. I was interested in genealogy since I was a kid and contacted the elders on both my mom’s and my dad’s side of the family. The elders recognized my appreciation for family documents and in many cases gave me their own treasured collections of family letters, photographs, and papers.

The family history represented here comes from the Ezra and Emiline (Flint) Reed and Seth P. and Angeline (Patchen) Phelps families of Racine County, Wisconsin (originally from New York); the Jacob and Lanah (Lewis) Rodman family of Reeds Corners, New York; the John and Elizabeth Sowden family of Dumphries, Virginia; the Thomas and Mary Ann (Hooper) Clark family of Cornwall, England, Mount Hope, New Jersey and Long Island, New York; and the William and Jemima (Moore) Hawkins family of Moriches, Long Island, New York.

Click on the title of the record in the sidebar on the left to gain access to images of the original records and a transcriptions. The images in the thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on the images.

I have also started collecting references to Revolutionary War soldiers’ deaths in newspapers as I come across them in my research throughout the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast states. These are transcriptions, with the source citation noted.

Many more records will be added to this site.


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